Luxury Homes In Exclusive Area’s

Luxury homes in exclusive  area’s are very sort after and from the moment they are up for sale you can practically see a beeline of estate agents gearing to list them on their website exclusively.
Entrepreneurs, foreign investors and the very rich are always looking for prime real estate, the reasons for buying a luxury property varies but ultimately what they are all looking for in a property remains the same.

Luxtury home Birmingham

The standard of design, furnishing and most of all the location, this is what gets the rich desiring after these properties.

One of the most exciting things to have happened in the property market in the UK was how lots of foreign property investors bought prime real estate and this definitely boosted the property market.
On the other hand council’s noticed that majority of these properties were sat vacant, this has caused councils to charge extra or increase tax of up to 50% if your house stays empty for up to 2years.

One such situation in the Birmingham area occurred where the property sat dormant for a considerable amount of time.
The property owner finally decided to rent it out and went into the property to find out if the property needed refurbishment or could be rented as is.

Needless to say the property was practically a jungle, lots of clothes, paperwork and furniture that needed to be taken out, the first thing the investor did was look for a company which did skip rental in Birmingham.

property gatesWithin a week there was lots of activity in and outside of the property skip piled high full of various household waste.
The advantage of using a skip hire company in circumstances such as these, is that most skip companies have a recycling program and can collect all your waste at once, which is what an owner of a high luxury or for that matter any property to have lots of waste in front of their property for a long period.

To determine what can be recycled just enquire with the skip company and sometimes other wastes are not listed, so it is safe to ask and get rid of all your waste at once.

These are the household waste that can be recycled, if uncertain check with the skip hire company plastic bottles and plastics, tapes, discs, clothes, shoes, food or drink cans, cardboard and paper, glass, batteries, small electrical appliances, tv’s and monitors.